With the stainless steel straw, I finally became an environmental protection expert!

Have soy milk for breakfast, 

Chinese food with bottle drink, 

Another cup of milk tea in the afternoon, 

Drink milk before going to bed at night,

 Oh, my God, have you ever counted 

How many straws do you use a day?

Although it is convenient and cheap to drink with plastic straw, it brings problems such as plasticizer, marine garbage pollution and so on. Therefore, in the past two years, disposable plastic straws have been gradually abandoned or banned in the world and replaced by “environmental protection straws”.

As a professional company with 13 years of experience in stainless steel industry, it can be called an environmental protection “expert”, and the requirements for straws are also very strict!


What a beautiful stainless steel straw,

In everyone’s impression, mention the color of stainless steel, the mind should be:


What are you thinking? “Swiny” stainless steel straw is not so low, OK! Now, please accept the compliments from straws:


Look! In addition to the original silver, “Swiny” stainless steel straw also has the domineering gold for local tyrants, the fashionable rose gold that my loves most, the fashionable starry sky color of recent years’ fire, and the piano black with low-key and steady president style! No matter which color you choose, it is appropriate to lead the trend and attract eyeballs!


Stainless steel material unique metal luster really beautiful to crack, the United States to suffocate there is no! As long as you drink water with it, you will feel your whole body shining!

Beauty is not enough! Straws girl’s favorite straws are of course both internal and external! It is made of 304 stainless steel, food grade material, for the baby is completely OK!


Of course, this straw is also impeccable in terms of performance! It is resistant to cold, heat and corrosion. I like to drink iced cola, Iced Milk Tea and hot boiled water.

what? You said you were worried that the stainless steel straws were too hard to scratch your mouth? It doesn’t exist! We try it by ourselves. The stainless steel straw mouth of Swiny is round, which can fit your cherry mouth perfectly. It is safe and durable without hurting your mouth!


WOW! It’s so nice not to hurt your mouth! But stainless steel straw caliber is so small, hot summer, always want to cup ice milk tea how to do? Don’t panic! “Swiny” stainless steel straw also has “Bold version” milk tea tube, my mother, this is too intimate, milk tea girl, flush duck! It’s like this when you go to the milk tea shop in the future                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Boss! A pearl milk tea, no straws Think about it and think it’s super cool! Would you like to go out with a stainless steel straw to drink milk tea and be the most beautiful environmental protection talent~

Eh? Why do you use it to be an environmentalist? That’s not easy. Look! When this stainless steel straw, it comes with a special suction brush! After use, it can be cleaned directly and recycled. It is convenient and environmentally friendly. 


Stainless steel straw matching brush, easy to clean.

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